Written by Shan. London, UK. shannyblues@gmail.com. 

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Writing and performing music has taken me on some pretty wild adventures and allowed me to see some truly magical places.


My songs are stories from my own life - quirky observations on the world, from politics to fat-shaming and festival one-night stands.

I started out as one half of the duo Syrens with my BFF/ soul sister Debs when we were just 16 years old. Despite our youth, we got some attention from the right people - playing some big shows before we parted ways around age 21.

I spent the next two and-a-half years traveling around Europe busking, performing on a Greek island at a Mexican restaurant owned by Norwegians and collaborating with other talented people. 

Eventually, I went back to SA, landing in Durban, where I spent the next 10 years writing, developing my own sound and playing gigs in KZN, and was privileged to perform at some of the country's most popular music festivals and venues.

Right now, I'm writing new material and enjoying gigging in London.

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