My Story

"Write something worth reading, or do something worth writing."  

Hi! I'm Shan.

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I’ve spent the last 13 years writing professionally in a range of industries, starting out in journalism, moving into web content and then into advertising and public relations.


Most recently, I worked in an agency as a lead copywriter and brand strategist servicing some of the world's largest FMCG brands like Vaseline, Dove, Domestos, Knorr and others.


Currently, I enjoy creating long-form content for a range of clients including mainly Press releases, Blog content and Articles. 


I have a passion for wellness and enjoy writing lifestyle content related to holistic health therapies and products; mindfulness, body positivity, minimalism and similar topics.


I am a tea-drinking cat-lover who works fast and furiously. I'm also a musician and have been writing and performing music since I was 16. You can find out more here.


In 2018, myself and my husband decided to leave South Africa and seek adventure, so I am currently based in London.

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