Written by Shan. London, UK. shannyblues@gmail.com. 

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My Story

I'm that rare unicorn that possesses both strategic and creative thinking.

I honed my storytelling skills over the last decade working in journalism, marketing and advertising.

Hi! I'm Shan.

Stories have always been my companion and my creative outlet. 


First I wrote stories for newspapers –  everyday people stories - the joyful, the trivial and the tragic. Then, I wrote stories online - travel stories, business stories and...stories about stories. 


Next, I moved on to brand stories. As an agency copywriter and brand strategist working with some of the world's largest FMCG brands, my purpose was to connect people to products. 


Along the way, I discovered a few things. I have a strong strategic mind and can see how all the pieces of a story need to fit together. I have a big heart. I love working with brands that do good in the world. I'm an ideas woman. I thrive on watching them breed and grow. I work fast and furiously. 


In 2018, myself and my husband decided to leave South Africa and seek out a new adventures in London.


You  can read more about our travels and my thoughts on life on my blog.  

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